Magneti Marelli Aftermarket moves in line with the trends 
of the auto sector so as to be able to create the future.

Connected and autonomous driving

The automotive sector is currently in a process of fundamental transformation, prompted by macro-trends such as environmental efficiency, safety, and multifunctionality of vehicles.

The automobiles of the future will have little to do with those we see today: they will be more similar to living and working spaces that will take us where we tell them to. The role of the driver will become increasingly more unnecessary, as gradually the vehicle will navigate spaces autonomously via the ease of use, immediacy and response speed granted by the use of hight-tech products.

With Autonomous Driving, hyperconnected cars will be sensitive, intelligent, capable of making decisions, reducing the risks associated with driving, and allowing travellers to free up time for their own use.

Through IoT technology, digital streets will generate enormous quantities of data, whether this is through the vehicle, which will be a continuous source of collection and transmission between machine and driver, or through the surrounding environment (shops, commercial activity, services, banks etc).

A connected space that creates a more accurate relationship with the consumer, a more punctual service, a meaningful increase in quality and a reduction in waiting times.

Magneti Marelli, a global player in automotive components, supports the development of traditional products through  its complete commitment to this evolutionary path, with investments in research and development that continually generate new solutions.